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Food Studies

 /// R E S E A R C H ///

Food rioting︎︎︎ final thesis for the master's degree in "Food History and Culture" - UniBo- IT)

Pratiche relazionali del cibo Relational practices around Food
︎︎︎ essay edited by Postmediabooks

Re-actionary practices through Food
︎︎︎ article published on The Offbeats website 

/// B L U E P R I N T S ///

Occupy the kitchen!
︎︎︎ independent food artivism project questioning the relations among Food, Economics and Art
︎Ephemera conference

Urban Studies

/// R E S E A R C H ///

Vibrant Urban Osmosis
︎︎︎ research article for Officina* - issue n.32 (Quarterly of Architecture, Technology and Environment)

Cittadini attivi, creatori di luoghi
︎︎︎ public speech on Partipatory Urban Desing and Placemaking practices

La città inform[azion]ale ︎︎︎ MA thesis essay - Politecnico of Milan - IT)

/// B L U E P R I N T S ///

The Urban Observatory
︎︎︎ independent platform of research of Urban Studies focused on Public Space policies and Placemaking practices


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