Hi there!
Nice to meet you!

My name is Evelyn Leveghi.
I’m a designer,
proudly relational and human-centred (no industrial production for me, please)
and a researcher in the making ︎

After a bunch of years dedicated to independent research in Food Politics and Urban Studies, I came back to academia and I’m currently a PhD candidate, working at the crossroads of diverse fields:

 / Critical Agrarian Studies 
 / Contentious Politics 
 / Environmental Humanities 

I’m sorry but there’s no suitable label to sum up my own profession in just 1 word

But let’s make it easy:

I am interested in the relations among
food • communities • natural resources

otherwise said
commons & democracy

– so what do you do? –

You can also taste my pratice(s),
here’s the recipe!


 S Y S T E M I C    D E S I G N 
 F O R   L I V A B I L I T Y 
 A N D   S O C I A L   C O H E S I O N 

I n g r e d i e n t s

• food (X cups)
• land (Y cups)
• culture (Z cups)
• commons (3 tsp)
• social practices (2 cups)
• socially-engaged art (2 tsp)
• participatory design (1 tsp)
• tactical urbanism (2 tsp)
• social innovation (2 tsp)
• food activism (1 tsp)
M e t h o d

First and foremost
︎︎︎ Let’s collect Design tools (D. thinking, Strategic D., Relational D., Urban D.)
︎︎︎ Match Social Sciences skills (mainly Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology)

︎︎︎ Put Food, Land, Culture, Social Relations and Commons in a huge bowl.
︎︎︎Stir gently, to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
︎︎︎ Add Art spices (socially-engaged and performative art)
︎︎︎ Use Participatory Design&Art spatula to better incorporate the ingredients
︎︎︎ Use Tactical Urbanism and Food Activism as needed (if context and communities require a new p.o.v.)