Hi there!
Nice to meet you!

My name is Evelyn Leveghi and I’m a designer,
proudly human-centred
(no industrial production for me, please).
I’m also an independent researcher
Food Politics and Urban Studies 
and, not secondary, an activist.

I’m sorry but there’s no suitable label to sum up my own profession in just 1 word

But let’s make it easy:

 food + people + ground
= commons

– so what do you do? –

You can also taste my pratice(s),
here’s the recipe!


 H U M A N   C E N T R E D   D E S I G N
 F O R   L I V A B I L I T Y 
 A N D   S O C I A L   C O H E S I O N 

I n g r e d i e n t s

• food (X cups)
• land (Y cups)
• culture (Z cups)
• commons (3 tsp)
• social practices (2 cups)
• socially-engaged art (2 tsp)
• participatory design (1 tsp)
• tactical urbanism (2 tsp)
• social innovation (2 tsp)
• food activism (1 tsp)
M e t h o d

First and foremost
︎︎︎ Let’s collect Design tools (D. thinking, Strategic D., Relational D., Urban D.)
︎︎︎ Match Social Sciences skills (mainly Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology)

︎︎︎ Put Food, Land, Culture, Social Relations and Commons in a huge bowl.
︎︎︎Stir gently, to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
︎︎︎ Add Art spices (socially-engaged and performative art)
︎︎︎ Use Participatory Design&Art spatula to better incorporate the ingredients
︎︎︎ Use Tactical Urbanism and Food Activism as needed (if context and communities require a new p.o.v.)